What is Builder’s Box?

Builder’s Box is a quarterly subscription box for lovers of architecture. Full of stylish homes and skyboxes, you’ll be well covered every 3 months, giving you more time to get moving in & decorating!

Why quarterly?

Creating a build can take some time, and with all the other commitments our talented participating creators have, we find it both unrealistic and unnecessary for Builder’s Box to release every month. Rather than potentially rushed work, making Builder’s Box a quarterly subscription helps us to control the quality, while also giving you time to get some use out of your builds in every box.

How much does Builder’s Box cost?

You can pre-order Builder’s Box at our in-world location or via the marketplace for L$2000. Once release day rolls around, the box’s price is increased to L$3000.

How do I buy previous boxes?

All our previous boxes remain on sale for up to a year via our in-world location and the marketplace.

Can I gift Builder’s Box to someone else?

Yes! Any in-world kiosk should allow you to gift to another user by right clicking, selecting ‘Touch’ and then ‘Gift’. Alternatively, you can visit our marketplace store to send your gift. Just remember to hit “Add To Cart As Gift” and enter the name of the recipient before checking out.

Can I get a refund?

We cannot issue refunds for accidental/double purchases or if the box simply isn’t to your taste. Please consider this when purchasing.

Are the items in the box full perm?

Creators in the box cannot use full perm mesh and the builds themselves are not full perm. Depending on the creator though, you may be able to both copy and modify a build. Alongside this, some builds have texture change menus that should be mentioned in accompanied notecards when you unbox.

What is an access card and why do I need it?

When you buy Builder’s Box, you’ll receive an access card like the one displayed below. Do not delete this as you’ll need it to receive your items! Builder’s Box is released on the 4th the following month at 4pm SLT. Simply wear your card from that day forward and click to receive a HUD that will give you access to the month’s builds. Your HUD will be accessible from your access card for up to a year, so no fear if you aren’t online the day we release.

I can’t find my access card. What do I do?

There’s a redelivery terminal at the Builder’s Box HQ that looks like an iPad. Click it and you’ll be directed to a website where you can get this redelivered.

How can I stay up-to-date with Builder’s Box?

Stay in the loop with our official Facebook group or find our in-world group to be the first to receive our press release poster revealing our designers. No matter which way you choose to stay connected, you’ll be the first to know when pre-orders open and also have access to free giveaways of Builder’s Box.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Send a notecard to WillCorrigan with your question/issue as IMs often go missing. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Can I participate as a designer/blogger?

Designers are currently invite only.

Bloggers & vloggers, our applications are closed. We have a large team already and don’t plan on adding more for now. Thanks for your interest!