What is Builder's Box?

Only here you are always welcome, together with montezuma you have no equal! Originating as an architecture subscription box, Builder’s Box has newly adapted to become a home & décor subscription to meet customer demand. Builder’s Box is a quarterly subscription box that contains a mix of 12 items from quality creators, consisting of builds, furniture & décor pieces.

A subscription box isn’t a regular shopping event and typically provides customers with the surprise of unpacking a box of goodies that are brand new, exclusive and original.

How much is a Builder's Box?

A pre-order costs L$2000 and rises to L$3000 after the box is released. By pre-ordering, customers opt in to receive a mystery box of items for a discount. However, you may prefer to wait until the box is released and pay full price in order to know exactly what you’re getting.

How do I buy a Builder's Box?

Customers can purchase a Builder’s Box at our in-world HQ or on the marketplace. Please feel free to visit our Purchase Points page to view all other locations you can find a Builder’s Box kiosk.

Can I get a refund?

We cannot issue refunds for accidental purchases/double purchases or if the box simply isn’t to your taste. Please consider this when purchasing.

I've lost my access card - can I get a redelivery?

Yes, getting a redelivery for all Builder’s Box purchases is made simple with our redelivery terminal found at our in-world HQ.

I've spotted an issue with one of the builds - what should I do?

We make sure to carefully look over and approve everything before it gets sent out for delivery. However, if you’ve spotted an issue with an item in your box or you’re having trouble figuring something out, please send a notecard to Will Corrigan and we can contact the creator for you to help solve the issue.

Can I apply as a designer?

If you are interested in being part of Builder’s Box and have examples of your work, please send a notecard to Will Corrigan in-world.

Can I apply as a blogger/vlogger?

We change/add to our blogger team every few months, so please keep an eye out for future application openings. We do not accept notecard requests from bloggers.

Are the builds full perm?

All items are not full perm, meaning you cannot transfer/sell the contents of Builder’s Box to other residents, however they will typically be copy and modify, though builds may display as no modify in your inventory due to door scripts etc.

Can I gift a Builder's Box to someone else?

Yes! Simply visit our in-world HQ and right click on the kiosk for the month you’d like to gift, select ‘Touch’ and then ‘Gift’ and proceed. You can also gift via our marketplace store.

For further assistance, please send a notecard to Will Corrigan.